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Dec 11

Welcome to The Known Lands!

The Known Lands (or TKL) is a persistent world for Neverwinter Nights 2. If there's one thing that we feel sets TKL apart from most other PWs, it is that we've really tried to achieve a pencil-and-paper sort of feel here. What that means is most PCs are part of an adventuring party and meet weekly for a session run by a DM assigned to their group. We feel this has a lot of benefits.

Oct 17


TKL has two issues that we're unable to squash.  The "Sorry Dave" message here on the web page, and the maximum level of PC's is now 20 instead of 30.  Characters below level 20 will be unaffected, and TKL will be as you remember it.  We'll be working around that level limit, by providing items that copy abilities granted by the higher level, and rewards that improve on those. 

By all means, if someone reading this has knowledge of how to resolve that last major bug, don't be shy, and let us know the fix.  :)

Thank you,

The TKL Team

Aug 12

Server Health

Thanks to the efforts of Revock, the server is recovering from a catastrophic hardware malfunction.  Far less interesting than a wardrobe malfunction, I know.  Essentially the fan broke, and heat = bad.  Rev recovered what he could and rebuilt it.  Right now we are up and running with a few new 'quirks'.


1)  All pc's need to be manually reauthorized.  Once you have been reauthorized this will 'stick' and you can log in and out to heart's content.

Jul 30

TKL is Back!!!


We're back, but we still have some glitches to catch and squish.  Thanks to Revock, Aislara, Quontir and everyone else who's helped in getting TKL back on it's proverbial feet.  One of the glitches we have to deal with, is reauthorizing PC's who were previously authorized.  Please send myself, Hawkwinter, a PM or respond here, if you need your PC's to be reauthorized.  Also, don't be distracted by the "Sorry Dave" message on this same web page.  That's also a glitch in need of squishing.

May 04

Introducing the Silverbridge Bank!

The first bank of Silverbridge is pleased to announce that after much red tape it is finally open for business in the Government District. The Seven will be keeping a close eye on the regulations of the bank, as it is believed by some that it might disrupt the current ruling Kerondians.

Feb 12

All Systems Go!

Thanks to the efforts of Seth and Griz, we're back up and running on all cylinders again.  Scheduled groups should be meeting at their normal times, unless your DM has changed it due to other factors.  So log back in, and enjoy the new areas and quests. :)


Head DM

Jan 29

The Eyes of February

Introducing a server-wide quest for the month of February - and well, longer. Octavius of Zafiro needs eyes, and lots of them. He'll give hints on what he's looking for, but this quest has a very large xp reward, plus it can be done multiple times!

And be on the look out for thieves... all of these quest items are very pickpocketable.

Good Luck!

Jan 02

The Server has Moved

Happy New Year Everyone!

The Server has moved and is now residing at Q and Aislara's house. We promise to feed and maintain the gremlins and hamsters residing inside it and we hope that no one was too terribly inconvenienced by the move.

Anyone who signed up for Q's FFA for the 21t will receive some form of reward.

Dec 12

Number of Characters

For now we're going to increase the number of characters one can play from 3 to 4. I want to see how many decide to roll 4th characters before thinking about removing the cap altogether. So, happy applicationinging?

Oct 25


Below Talroig mines, long winding tunnels have been recently discovered, or perhaps re-discovered. Dwarven scouts, and the few adventurers that have braved mysterious passages report a strange structure at the end of the dark, winding path. A place that has been named, The Undertower. However, instead reaching towards the sky, the Undertower's sole purpose is to descend straight down through various levels of earth and rock. Those who entered reported a fierce group of Duergar occupy the tower and seemingly guard it against those looking to descend it's treacherous levels.